Movie Review: The Whistleblower

What an individual can do against a highly organised crime? Where the perpetrators involved are highly influential and have strong camouflages to protect them, what an individual can do? Maybe he or she can do nothing noticably, but what he or she can do is blowing whistle. At least people would hear him or her. It may not bring the perpetrators concerned into justice, but surely it can reduce the crime. As a side-effect he or she may loss his or her job.


When the criminals have diplomatic immunity, can they use it to ensure their impunity? The answer is, if they are not checked and balanced, if they are not monitored properly, if transparency is not ensured, it can be so.

Similar things happened when a war broke-out due to racial hatred in Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the war, the UN troops took over the country to restore peace. But peacekeepers also are human-being, they also have some weak-points. They got involved in forced prostitution, sex-slavery and astonishingly sex-trafficking. The total event is discovered by Kathrin Bolkovac an American Police official, who his so dedicated to her profession, that consequently she got divorced and lost custody of her children. She was helped by another enthusiastic right activist Madeleine Rees, who apparently failed to back her up.

Consequently, Kathrin Bolkovac was put under pressure to give up the investigation which will expose a heinous scandal and finally got dismissed illegally. However, she did not stop and continued whistleblowing.

Based on the above true story, Canadian Director Larysa Kondracki, made a film starring Rachel Weisz, Venessa Redgrave and Monica Bellucci.  A prominent role of Taya, one of the victims,  was played by Roxana Conduarche.

The film was first offered to Rachel Weisz in 2005 when she was pregnant, but then in 2009, she did the role. Kondracki worked for 8 years to come the film into light.

Anyone who wants to know, what a one-man-army looks like in real life, must watch the film. Regarding the making of the film, some critics found out that language consultancy was below average, but above all, I personally appreciate what Kondracki did for eight years. Imdb rating is average, But I gave it 10 out of 10. Happy Watching.


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